your ultimate guide to types of bathroom floorWaterproof bathroom flooring and vinyl bathroom flooring are what everyone is after. Read this blog post for waterproof bathroom flooring ideas, nonslip bathroom flooring ideas, and vinyl bathroom flooring ideas.

Waterproof Vinyl Bathroom Flooring

The wizards of the waterproof flooring world are WPC and SPC vinyl restroom flooring. This trend has been going for almost the last decade and only seems to be growing as we head into 2021. WPC flooring features a core made from a wood-plastic composite that's 100% waterproof, a luxury vinyl print layer, and a thick, durable wear layer. WPC flooring is luxury vinyl amped up a couple of notches, dominating the planet of waterproof flooring.

SPC, also referred to as rigid core vinyl, is the next level in waterproof vinyl flooring. SPC flooring features a core made up of stone plastic composite, making for a tougher, sturdier core than WPC flooring.

Appearance-wise, there's no difference between rigid core vinyl and traditional WPC vinyl. Both options offer the trendiest, most realistic looks mimicking natural materials within the highest quality prints.

The big difference is construction. SPC rigid core flooring is traditionally thinner and even more durable. Additionally, rigid core planks also are better at hiding imperfect subfloors. If you're installing over tile or another unlevel surface, SPC may be a great option that will prevent some money in prep and installation without sacrificing style. With waterproof vinyl, it’s the simplest of all worlds for your bathroom floor. Expect to ascertain WPC and SPC bathroom flooring following all the most well-liked wood and stone trends, including marble, hand-scraped and distressed looks, large planks/tiles, and more.

Wide range of tile finishes

A wide range of textures is now available as per client willingness. These might be satin, rustic, stone, etc. If the toilet is getting used by senior citizens, it’s advisable to use rougher tiles.

Large tile sizes are now hip

Earlier flooring was always small with 12 x 12-inch tiles. However, people are now choosing bigger slabs. Larger tiles look neater with lesser joints. After the choice of larger floor tile, the onus lies on the tile layer to get it with absolute precision so that the slope is maintained for water to empty.

Wood-look tile

The biggest trend in tile flooring, including the bathroom is a tile that appears like hardwood. These wood-looking planks are accessible in a spread of layouts and colors. With the virtue of cutting-edge inkjet technology, these look very authentic.

You can have an additional contemporary look or a wire-brushed character that has subtle purposeful scratches that bring out the grain, or a more pastoral hand-scraped wood tinge. You'll get high or low color variation supported by your preference.

Glossy tiles

Another new concept gaining momentum is using glossy tiles on the ground. most people would agree that it’s best to avoid glossy tile on the ground because it will cause slipping. But those who wish to vary are innovating.