Welcome to our wall tile buying guide! Here you will find a tile buying guide for bathrooms, a decorative wall tile buying guide, top tips for choosing bathroom wall tiles, and the best outdoor wall options. This tile and stone buying guide is your one-stop solution to all tiling problems.

Do you wish to rework your home’s interior design with quality tiles to offer that lovely New Look that you simply have envisioned for a long time? you're within the dark and have little to no information about tiles. Moreover, you've got no idea the way to set about the buying process this being your first time to buy tiles. don't worry very much as we shall comprehensively answer all of your questions during this simple tile-buying guide. Tiles are available in different colors, styles, and also patterns. they're also highly durable, and easy to wash. This guide aims to assist you to choose the simplest tile for your project purposes.

Wall and floor tiles

If you’re fitting tiles to your floors, these will be slightly stronger than wall tiles, thanks to the quantity of wear and tear and tear they experience. When shopping, all our tiles are indicated as either “wall tiles” (suitable for walls only) or “wall and floor tiles” (suitable for both).

Glazed vs unglazed tiles

A glazed file is one where the manufacturers apply a liquid glass layer (glaze) on top of it then subject it to extreme temperatures. That action gives it a shiny appearance but cannot easily wear off if carefully used. thanks to the glass material, they're mostly installed in areas with moderate traffic. On the opposite hand, unglazed tiles haven't any glass fitted. they're just pieces of clay with the color running throughout the body. Porcelains and quarries are perfect examples. it's ideal to suit within the areas with heavy traffics like during a busy commercial building. Tiles play an integral role in making a little bathroom appear bigger. If you would like to understand how you can also make a little bathroom bigger, you want to check this out.

Bathroom tiles

Bathroom floors are of utmost importance because they may prove hazardous if the proper flooring isn't chosen. One of the foremost popular choices is ceramic tiles in matt finish as they're anti-skid. 300*300mm being the foremost popular size. Bathroom floor tiles are available in an array of colors, shades, and sizes. These are easy to take care of and safe for teenagers and elderly members of the family.

How is Wall Tile Different From Floor Tile?

Wall tile is formed to be thin and lightweight, so it adds less weight to the wall and is straightforward to put in. It also can feature more detailed textures and ornamental patterns. Meanwhile, floor tiles are thicker and sturdier, because they have to carry up to pedestrian traffic. Floor tiles often don’t have tons of detailed textures. Since wall tiles are often thin, they’re not an honest option for flooring. However, some floor tiles are often used for walls, counting on the dimensions, weight, and therefore the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s an honest idea to consult knowledgeable people before choosing to put floor tile on your walls. Many factors determine how flooring tile will work as a wall treatment.