tips to create the most of a small bathroom

If you are looking for small bathroom ideas and simple bathroom designs. This article is all about small, and even tiny, bathroom ideas for your modern home because your modern home deserves a modern bathroom.

Hold your light and vibrant colors

A wood floor and a vanity offer a warm and serene feeling to this city bathroom. Natural light from the window reflects a gentle mint-green hue. Like the lightweight curtain fabric, which allows full light to penetrate, the space around the freestanding tub makes space feel more spacious.

In Dark Color, Double Down

In a super dark hue, go with a high-gloss. At the same time, the hue will impart a big-night-sky effect and the little light you have around the room will also bounce. Doing so would also attract attention to the light fixtures, so you will have to pick them carefully-bulbs that carry in plenty of light, shapes that you don't mind being pretty pronounced.

A Wall Mirror

Consider mirroring the entire wall of your tiny bathroom, rather than just hanging one over the vanity. The light and pattern reflection (and often the open door) will do the same good work that a window does.

Choose a Glass Shower Door Consider scrapping the curtain entirely if you're beginning your small bathroom design from scratch. Placing glass shower doors in a small bath is also suggested, as it will help open up the bathroom.

Take the Tile On

Tile can be used from floor to ceiling and is a sturdy way of adding effect. We like to define ceramic tiles which are small for smaller bathroom walls. The designer is a fan of using one-by-four and two-by-six floor tiles on bathroom walls, which are also less costly.

Offer a Lift to the Curtain

Take the fabric all the way up past the normal height of the tub if you have the luxury of picking where your shower curtain goes. The walls can definitely be elongated by stretching the curtain almost to the ceiling, adding that the higher the ceiling in the bathroom, the more this will help.

Place a Pocket Door

Although this trick is a little more labor-intensive, it can free up space for additional storage by replacing your door with a pocket door that tucks away into the wall. All you'll need to do is find another place to hang your towels.

Keep Clear the Floor

Covering the floor with a vanity or storage container, not to mention tripping hazards, can create a cramped room. The floor is kept clear by a pedestal or floating sink, and adding floating storage will help hold anything you need at arm's length.

Make the most of your small bathroom with these ideas.