Porcelain tile that looks like slate vs real slate tile

Porcelain tiles are a new variety of ceramic tiles that are generally considered to be better than ceramic in terms of durability, ease of maintenance, and visual appeal. They are often considered to be a better, more improved version of ceramic tiles. Natural slate, on the other hand, uniquely combines functionality and beauty, that other natural stones often fail to do.

Though both slate floor tiles and natural slate are good flooring options for your house or commercial space, there are key differences between the two. We’ll look at the features of both and educate you about them. After that, it is your choice to determine which best suits your purpose.

Let’s begin by looking at porcelain tiles that look like slate.

Slate look porcelain tiles


Slate look porcelain tiles are less expensive than real slate. This is especially useful when you consider flooring a large area, such as a huge patio. 12x24 slate look porcelain tiles are generally a good option for relatively big spaces, and they cost you less than real tiles.


Porcelain tiles are extremely durable and coupled with their low price point, they become an excellent long-term investment. Since they are made up of refined clay fired at high temperatures, they hold up better than most other flooring options. If there’s high traffic on your floors and possibilities of severe wear and tear, porcelain slate look tiles are a good option.


Modern technological innovations have led to the ability to produce porcelain tiles in a huge variety of looks and designs. This means that it is more difficult now than ever to distinguish between a porcelain tile that looks like a black slate from a real black slate. Visually stunning options like blue slate porcelain tiles will add dimension to your floor and overall decor.

Now, let’s have a look at real porcelain tiles.

Natural Slate


Slate is generally considered to be an upscale flooring option. This means that using slate flooring adds real-estate value to your building, especially when the slate is installed in kitchens and bathrooms.


For colder climates, slates are an exceptional option for their heat-transmitting capability. They are perfect for radiant subsurface coil heating systems. They not just make the floor feel warm but also transmit heat to the rest of the room, which gives a feeling of comfort and coziness, especially in cold climates.


Slate is naturally occurring but available in a huge variety of styles. This makes it more special when we compare it to industrially manufactured styles of its porcelain counterpart. Every natural slate tile is a unique piece of naturally occurring art. Slate floors add an unmatched level of aesthetics and sophistication to a building or house.

Now that we’ve looked at the features of both, it is up to you to determine which fits your purpose and budget and choose accordingly. Both are good flooring options for your house or commercial space.