Some things are timeless. While trends come and go, style stays. This maxim holds true not just for the fashion market, but also for the interior designing industry. The interior designing industry has grown exponentially as more and more people have started to pay attention to the aesthetics of their living space. With the growth of the market, so-called trendy styles have seen rise and fall in popularity. What separates timeless designs from the trendy styles is the former’s visual appeal that stays intact for centuries. Classic patterns are for your modern floor as much as they were a hundred years ago.

Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stones are the yardstick of timeless styles. It ages like fine wine, and there is one available for every mood, setting and environment. The challenge here is for you to decide on one while you are spoilt for choices. The next challenge is to choose on a pattern for your selected stone flooring. With a proper combination of pattern and material, the aesthetics of your interior will become ageless. We are here to help you with your floor pattern design ideas.

Horizontal Overlapping

This mimics the look of bricks being laid one on top of the other and overlapping. Naturally, terracotta is the first material that will come your mind when I say ‘brick’. But the it does not have to be just terracotta. Materials like marble and travertine can be used in this pattern. Earthy, rustic colors work best to give an antique look to your floor. You can experiment with the size of the tiles and colors. Don’t settle until satisfied.

The checkerboard

Imagine a basic black and white chessboard. That is what the most basic checkerboard patterned floor would look like. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Now imagine your checkerboard patterned floor with different colored tiles, different detailing, various tones of the same color, varied alignments. The checkerboard is the base upon which your imagination can run wild. The result will be a beautiful, vintage floor that will not go out of fashion any time soon.

The white marble

White marble for your floor is what a white shirt is for your clothing. Just like the white shirt can be worn by literally anyone at any situation, your white marble floor can grace any building. You have choices here as well - go for the all-white look or specks of black within whte. Whatever you choose, you can be assured that white will never let you down.


Everyone loves mosaic. The best part about them is that they change moods as you want them to. Get a playful mosaic floor for the kid’s room or have a sophisticated pattern of mosaic for your living room. Mosaics are an enduring work of art, and a very versatile one at that. For your next renovation project, consider mosaics as a viable and functional option.

The possibilities with natural stone are endless. FInd the one that suits you, your purpose, personality, and your floor.