kitchen trends different color and design upper and lower cabinetsKitchens with two different colored cabinets are in vogue as always. Kitchen trends in two-toned kitchen cabinets incorporate two-tone kitchen islands, two-tone gray kitchen cabinets, two-tone kitchen walls, kitchen cabinets of different colors top and bottom, and countertop ideas.

Two-tone kitchen designs

Speaking of two-tone kitchens…this may be fun thanks to experimenting with color, especially in smaller spaces. We recommend pairing lighter upper cabinets with a darker color for rock bottom cabinets to form your kitchen design more visually appealing.

Moreover, darker hues tend to be clearer to stay looking clean, and lower cabinets incline to require most of the predicament and harder wear in kitchens.

Soft blue

Many interior designers prefer blue when it involves clique colors. It comes in various shades, and it works well with both white and wood tones. If you would like an easy and minimal kitchen, you'll never fail with soft blue. It’s a subtle shade that's safe, yet brings life and freshness to your kitchen cabinets.

Pop yellow

If you would like a spark in your clique paint colors, why not choose yellow? Yellow may be a bold color, and it can make your space bright, sunny, and happy. Visualize walking into your kitchen and having a glance at the golden sun. There’s never a cloudy day at your home!

Rustic pastel green

Do you need a rustic theme, but don’t want to travel with dark wood colors? The farmhouse pastel green may be a dreamy version of farm life. It’s an honest marriage between shabby chic, rustic, and modern feels.

Charcoal and white

White with charcoal clique paint colors can turn any kitchen into a classy, futuristic, yet classic space in your home. The white-charcoal combination is one of the clique color schemes that exude warmth and class. Meet your house guests most charmingly with these colors!

Pristine white

Don’t want to play with color combos? We’re taking what we’ve said earlier because who doesn’t love white? You can’t fail with pure white! White is timeless, and it'll offer you tons of freedom in decorating and putting accents into your kitchen.

Sophisticated pastel greys

Pastel makes light gray pop! you'll find sophisticated gray to suit any taste, and it’s one of the simplest and safest ways to style. Add your precious hue of pastel, and you’re good to go! This clique color scheme may be a favorite for those that want to remain minimal, yet need a pop of color on their kitchen.

Maintenance-free, wood grain cabinets

Woodgrain cabinet doors are bringing natural warmth back to the kitchen. And you'll achieve the design of real wood with the convenience of maintenance-free laminate doors, available during a stunning sort of colors and designs which will still look beautiful for years to return.

Bold blue colors

Cabinet refacing may be a good way to include more color into your kitchen's design, but some homeowners have reservations about bold, and particularly dark, hues. The trick to using color in your kitchen design is selecting one shade because of the base of your color palette, to use as an accent color, or as a part of a two-tone cabinet combination.