How to choose the best patio tiles for your home

The majority of outdoor patios are constructed with some type of masonries, such as poured concrete, or brick or stone paver products. But, applying tiles to a patio is also a possibility. This gives you a lot more options in terms of design. Laying tiles is also a good way to redesign an old concrete slab or brick patio. Let’s have a look at the best tiles for outdoor patio and different patio tiles ideas that you can use for your outdoor patio tiles over concrete.

Let’s see different types of materials you can use for your patio,


Outdoor porcelain tiles are particularly dense and strong forms of ceramic. Most porcelain tiles for flooring can also be used for patio applications. Textured, matt tiles are a good choice because they don’t have a glossy surface which would get slippery when wet. Porcelain tiles are sturdy and thick enough to be used on floors but check with the manufacturer’s instructions before making a final decision. The price range for porcelain tiles vary widely, hence, there’s most likely an option for everybody.


Ceramic tiles are traditionally used indoors, but can also be used as outdoor floor tiles. If they carry a PEI rating of sufficient strength, you can use it for outdoor patios. But as a rule of thumb, ceramic tiles are best suited for light use patios, because their strength is not as much as the other options. If you decide to use ceramic, make sure the floor is sturdy enough to be able to hold a patio. The ceramic tiles marketed specifically as wall tiles are not suitable for outdoor flooring options. The price of ceramic is generally cheaper than porcelain.


Slate is one of the best options to be used as outdoor tiles for the garden. Slate is formed under great heat and pressure and is very hard and durable. And also resistant to water. Unlike other natural stones, you have the option to choose a product with a natural texture that will help with its slip-resistance. Slate is most commonly found in dark grey or black stones but is actually available in a surprising range of colors including orange, green, purple.


Granite is an expensive and premium paving material that is also used for patios. It does have certain drawbacks when used outdoors. Granite is usually highly polished, which makes it slippery when wet. It is also more porous than other stones, and hence, will need to be sealed very often to prevent water penetration.

The options available for patio flooring does not stop here. These are a few popular materials which you can use as a launchpad to delve into the world of flooring options. Go ahead and enjoy your exploration, until you find the material perfect for you.