Difference between porcelain wood tile vs real wood

With technological innovations like ink-jet printing and digital imaging, the range of wood-like porcelain tiles has increased drastically, and often, they are indistinguishable to the average eye. Still, the battle of wood tile vs hardwood is a tough one, especially since there are strong arguments for either side. Let's see what each has to offer and where one outshines the other.

Which will last longer?

Porcelain wood tiles will last longer than actual hardwood. Though hardwood will also last for years if properly sanded and refinished. Porcelain will last as long as twenty years if properly maintained. Porcelain is also very easily replaceable. In terms of durability, porcelain tile vs engineered hardwood has a clear winner: porcelain.

Which is more slip-resistant?

Hardwood floors come with an anti-slip rating, whereas porcelain wood tiles come with slip-resistant grading. When comparing the two, it is generally accepted that hardwood floors are less prone to slips than wood look tiles. Porcelain wood tiles are especially prone to slips when wet.

Which is easy to clean?

There is a wide range of cleaning products available for wood look tiles. Cleaning tile surfaces is extremely easy. On the other hand. Cleaning hardwood surface requires regular vacuuming to avoid grit damage. While cleaning is easy for both surfaces, tiles have an edge over wooden floors.

Which looks better?

This is a tough one and basically boils down to your personal preference. Natural wood floors have their own charm, with the unmatched beauty and sophistication of hardwood. But engineered hardwood is available only in different shades of brown since they are not artificially colored. Wood-look porcelain tile, on the other hand, is available in a range of different designs and color schemes. In this case, wooden floor vs tiles has no clear winner.

Which is more suitable for harsh weather conditions?

The answer here is simple: porcelain wood tiles. Hardwood expands and contracts according to the weather, does not retain heat, cannot stand excessive exposure to rain or snow. Tiles can do fine in almost all weather conditions, including excessive rain and snow. If weather suitability is your concern, go for tiles over hardwood.

Which is more kids and pet friendly?

Porcelain tiles’ tendency to slip makes them somewhat dangerous if you have kids. Shiny hardwood surfaces are a good kid-friendly choice. Porcelain tiles are a good choice if water damage caused by pets is an issue for you. Overall, weighing in the danger factor, hardwood floors are more kid, pet, and elderly-friendly than tiles.

Which is more costly?

The answer to this is both simple and complex, since ‘cost’ may include a lot of other things, like transportation and installation. Certain hardwood options are always more expensive than their tile counterparts, but there are also cost-effective choices available. Considering the price of installation, transportation, etc., it can be safely said that wood look porcelain tiles are a cheaper option.

Now that we have looked at the pros and cons of both, it really is up to you and your preferences. Remember your requirements and purposes, and make a choice accordingly.