creative ideas maximize your small bathroom space

A perfect house might come with the perfect view, great rooms, and a garden but there is always an additional tiny bathroom that is added to the corner of a room. It becomes inevitable to leave the bathroom just like that so the next best thing to remodel the bathroom by rearranging the sink, the shower, and make some room for towels. All of this is said easier than getting it done so here are some creative bathroom storage ideas that will enhance the experience of using your tiny private space.

• Install a corner sink

Most sinks are installed parallelly to the shower but this takes up a lot of space and creates a weird walk-around condition. Placing the sink in the corner will make up room for the shower and for other things in a washroom. A corner sink is also effective to create room for the person to step in and out of the shower.

• Use a shower curtain

Using a shower curtain is of the most common "small bathroom" ideas. Having a sliding glass door looks good but it takes up too much space and having a glass door in a small area makes it really awkward. With a shower curtain installed, both the shower space and walk around space increases and gets the job done. There are also bundle packages where you get a full shower curtain for your bathtub along with the equipment needed to install it.

• Use the door to hang a towel bar

This is another traditional and common practice where the towel rod is attached to the door. This helps in keeping the towel dry and away from sprinkling water. With the towels hanging behind the door you can use the shelf space to store some essential utilities as it opens up scope for bathroom wall storage ideas.

• Use a Wall Mounted Faucet

As said earlier a sink is an essential part of a bathroom and to save up even more space you can make use of a traditional wall-mounted faucet. This will help in reducing the width in the front and make up some free space at the other end. You can go with your imagination and creativity and find a good wall mounted faucet.

• Skip the unnecessary

The best way to maximize your bathroom space is to skip the unnecessary. If there is no space for shelves, give up on decorative items like plants and candles. Use a glass partition instead of a sliding door because a glass bar can also create a partition and prevent water from dripping outside.


Having a small bathroom and trying to maximize the bathroom space is a complicated task but the best way to make the most of it is to keep experimenting. If you see scope for changing anything which would free up some space, then go for it. It is all about user experience and if you prefer a sliding door or decorations and are willing to give up some space for them, then it is fine. You can come up with your own very small bathroom storage ideas and experiment with them.