creative and fun designs to try with modern porcelain tile

Are you looking for creative and fun floor tiles designs for the living room? If yes, then this article will help you with the tiles, which can give creative and fun designs to your home. flooring has become trendy since the invention of tiles made with a variety of materials and with many fun designs. Modern tile flooring ideas confuse you to choose which one is more creative and gives comfort to you based on their cost and maintenance. Because there are lots of modern tiles which have different qualities and look with each other, but the price is moreover equal. But porcelain gives you many new and unimaginable designs at affordable prices. porcelain tiles are difficult to repair and difficult to install, but they come in a variety of designs, which you should try to get something new in your home.

Porcelain tile installation is not very tough, and it is a DIY. But when you are trying out some new creative and fun designs to the wall/floor, it’s better to hire a professional to do the job, and you should also consider the porcelain tile pros and cons in it.

Designs and Patterns:

Porcelain tiles come in a variety of textures and design patterns such as straight lay patterns, brick patterns, hexagonal patterns, diagonal patterns, checkerboard pattern, etc. Every pattern and design have their uniqueness. Some will be perfectly suitable for the bathroom and some for the kitchen. The 3D design can be a good choice for the kitchen and living room. Now a day’s Seamless pattern is the most preferred one by everyone for a few floors in their home. The wood look porcelain tile and marble look porcelain tile have their pros and cons from styles, maintenance, finishing, durability, and installation.


Porcelain tile has a wide range of colors as white, beige, grey, and multicolor tiles. When two single-colored tiles are installed one after another on the floor, it creates an elegant look to the floor. You should try different single colored or multicolored tiles on your floor, which will create a new trendy look. If you don’t like the color of the tile, you can also paint it with a suitable color.

Usage Areas:

Porcelain tiles are not only to use on the floor, but they can also be used to create magnificent looks on the ceiling, kitchen backsplashes, dining areas, and stairs. You can make an eye-catching look on these areas by laying suitable tiles. Porcelain is the best option for the places either in-home/office, which doesn’t have enough sunlight.