Avoid these porcelain tile installation mistakes for the best floors

Porcelain tiles are increasingly becoming the go-to option for people looking to lay tiles on the floors of their house or commerci al space. However, common tile installation problems are still prevalent and many homeowners suffer due to improper tile installation. We are here to help you with floor tiling tips and tricks. You’ll also get information on things like how to hide tiling mistakes and how to avoid small tile cuts. Read on to get a brief idea about tiling installation mistakes and how to avoid them.

Incorrect trowel size

The trowel size needs to match the tile size, with no exceptions. For larger tiles, the thin-set needs to be deeper accordingly. Trowels with deep notches are required to create deeper thin sets. Ensure that the thin-set you purchase has phrases like large tile or large format written on it. It means that your thin-set is thicker and can hold larger tiles. A general rule of thumb is that a half-inch trowel works for tiles up to 16 inches in size and tiles bigger than that would need a ¾ inch notch.

Measurement and preparations

It is important to measure your area multiple times before committing to tile cutting. Calculating coverage you require is the first thing to do. Always order around 10 percent more tiles than you need. This makes sure that you have a scope to rectify in case of some mishap.

It is considered to be a good idea to use bigger tiles, as long as it does not hamper the aesthetics you are looking for. The use of bigger tiles results in the use of less grout and fewer tiles to lay.

For the wet wheel cutter, it would probably be a better idea to rent one instead of buying the expensive equipment, since full tiling projects would not come very often.

Avoiding cracking tiles

Tile breaking leads to a lot of wastage and added expenses. To avoid cracking tiles, you should follow some rules.

The first rule is to use a diamond wet saw because the blade is abrasive and not toothed.

It is very important to mark the tiles with a regular or grease pencil before cutting them.

Secondly, always use a slow pressure while making your cut. Push the two halves together as you get to the end of your cut. The harder the material, the slower you have to go.

Following these few guidelines will save you a lot of mess and money.

Correct grout

Wrong grout can ruin the look of your DIY tiling project. Clean and even grout lines are a must to have sleek floors. A peanut butter consistency is desirable in the grout. Avoid using a drill or paddle to mix grout. A minimum of ten minutes of resting time is essential for the grout to be able to have a good hold.

Hope our brief guideline will ease your tile installation project. Have fun laying tiles and renovating the look of your space.