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Laundry rooms might not be at the highest of your interior design list, but these luxury laundry room ideas will convince you otherwise. Their luxe appeal is complemented by a clean and classic look. But perhaps most significantly, these luxury laundry rooms are the right blend of form and performance. Here, I’ve weakened the key to the posh laundry room of your dreams.

Incorporate space for storing

An efficient laundry room should incorporate many spaces for storing, so plan for lots of cupboards for your laundry supplies. If you don’t have much cabinet space, add open shelving and hooks. Keep things tidy with baskets; plan for a couple of so you'll easily have all of your laundries sorted. Hampers with wheels make moving clothes around much easier!

The appliance debate

These days, there are numerous appliance options. It's a touch daunting. So what’s the simplest option? Here are some pros and cons for each…

Stacked Units

PROS: saves space, maximizes square footage, looks streamlined.

CONS: uncomfortable laundry loading/unloading, no room for a surface workstation, only specific models are stackable.

Front Loading Units

PROS: allows for countertop workstation, large variety on the market, gives the choice for storage pedestals.

CONS: takes up tons of square footage, may require pedestals if you progress or plan to stack them- some options aren’t stackable.

Top Loading Units:

PROS: easiest to wash and maintain, traditional and easy-to-use.

CONS: not as many options on the market, takes up an outsized footprint, little versatility.

Work Space

Let’s be honest, we all use our laundry rooms as multipurpose rooms. It’s an area to store pet food, keep the board, hide the vacuum. Not having enough workspace can leave you feeling exasperating. space will appear very disorganized, particularly when your laundry is doing double duty for something besides washing and drying garments. Having a well opened up space, with an abundance of counter space won’t just allow you to try to do the washing, it’ll also open the doors to numerous other tasks and uses. Here’s what you would like to think about:

Worktop Space

Consider what proportion of worktop space you'll need, and build it in. Space is going to be needed for items like clothing hampers/baskets, laundry supplies, cleaning detergents, and other clothing supplies. Having more counter space will add more advantages to you. Invest in additional than you think that you’ll need.

If you've got a satisfactory amount of counter space, you’ll be ready to exert on many tasks without getting frustrated.

Floor Space

The laundry room should have sufficient space so you'll move around with no restrictions. many spaces and an honest layout will have a seriously positive effect on your productivity. Some homeowners with larger laundry rooms jump at the prospect to construct an island counter where they will perform various tasks and fold the laundry. Just confirm to go away enough space, therefore, the cupboard doors are often opened completely.

Never overcrowd your laundry room. By doing so, you'll be limiting your floor space, and it'll make traveling more frustrating. In other words, space will look unorganized and untidy very quickly.